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The Fall Of The Cabal



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It began with a single intention to help.

With a growing concern for (and reality of) censorship and infringement of our 1st Amendment Right here in the U.S. a civilian project was conceived: 

Operation Safeguard 1A.

Under protection of the Fare Use Copyright Act of 1976, our initial mission was to collect the published work of a Danish researcher and author and ensure her work was made available for distribution far and wide - protecting it from censorship and all-out removal from the public eye.

We established a simple little website and hosted her videos on a secure account. In a matter of days our little site was all but a pile of pixels after being inundated with over a million visitors (basically the site froze-up and stopped working).

We quickly regrouped, received some help from a friend over at UrbanSurvialNotes.com and began to rebuild.

Today we're not only back but our purpose has evolved and expanded to include the search for, safeguard and re-publishing of more documentaries that seek to uncover and reveal their own truths according to their individual findings.     

And until the likes of YouTube and other well-known social media platforms stop censoring (and even removing published content) we will continue our mighty little mission here:

1. Ensure researchers, authors, and investigative journalists alike have a place to publish and share their research.

2. Ensure our growing audience of subscribers have access to the information we share on this platform.

We will be back soon!


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